To connect straight pipe or tube sections pipe fittings plays an important role. These fittings are also used for regulating fluid flow. It is main part of piping & tubing system. Buttweld Fittings is one of the pipe fittings that are used in piping & tubing system more often. Based on the butt welding technique for which pipes are attached, it obtained its name as Buttweld Fittings. This connection is strongest and smoothest than socket weld & threaded connections.

Buttweld fittings is most used and liked fittings for critical applications. It is commonly used in transporting fluids such as oil, gas steam, chemical etc. over small & long distances. Don’t be confused between Buttweld fittings and Buttweld. In Buttweld fittings both the pipes are connected by bolting together whereas in Buttweld pipes are connect by welding. Buttweld Fittings are available in multiple shapes, multiple grades and dimensions.

Types of Buttweld Fittings:

1) Buttweld Elbow 45/90/180 Degree

45o/90o/180o elbows are the most commonly used types of elbows. Small buttweld elbows are produced by heating, cutting and bending the seamless pipes. By using welded pipes or steel plates larger buttweld elbows are produced.

Two special types of pipe elbows are:

1) Reducing Elbow: It is used to connect when inlet & outlet pipes are in different bore sizes

2) Meter Elbow: It is pipe has right-angled bend and flow rate can be measured by using gauge.

2) Buttweld Tee

1) Equal Tee: This buttweld fitting used to connect the branch pipeline or at 90 degree. This tee has same bore diameter at both run side and branch sides that why it called as an equal tee.  

2) Reducing Tee: It is also used for branch pipeline or line at 90 degree. In reducing Tee bore size at branch sides is smaller than the run side.

3) Unequal Tee: A pipe connector used to connect branch pipeline or at 90 degree. This tee called unequal tee because bore size at run and branch sides have different diameters.

3) Buttweld Cross

Buttweld Cross fittings mainly preferred when pipelines should be connected in branch at 90 degrees.  

There are two different types of buttweld cross depend on their bore sizes:

1) Equal Cross

2) Reducing Cross

4) Buttweld Reducer

1) Concentric Reducer: Both the end of concentric reducer is centrally aligned with each other. These are used to modify the bore size of the pipeline by two measures to avoid excessive pressure drop in pipeline.

2) Eccentric Reducer: In eccentric reducer, both ends are in an offset position each other. Application of this is Horizontal Pipelines.

5) Pipe Cap

It is used to stop the flow or blind the pipeline, permanently or temporarily (during maintenance and reparation works). Buttweld pipe caps are available in all sizes & shapes.

6) Stub Ends

It is a short length pipe, which has one end that is flared outwards and other end prepared to be weld pipe of the same diameter.

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