From the regular industrial machines, we use one of the common component named as Fasteners. Fasteners not only used in industrial machines but also used for folding chairs and tables, are in automobiles we travel. It is a non-permanent joint used to join two machine components. The joint that can be evacuated or disassembled without damaging the joining components is known as a non-permanent joint.

Basically, fasteners are made up of two part one male part and another female part. The male part has external threads such as screws or bolts and the female part is a hole with internal threads like nuts. Both parts mates together and form the non-permanent joint of two joining components. These both are types of fasteners. Three major types of material used to make Steel fasteners are Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel or Carbon Steel.

Various Types of Fasteners

Basically, there are 4 main types of Fasteners are:

  1. Bolts
  2. Nuts
  3. Screws
  4. Washers

Each of these has subtypes as follows:

Types of Bolts

Bolts are used to make bolted joint. It has threads on its outer side. They have several configurations for various applications.

Eye Bolts

Allen Bolts

Hex Head Bolts

Hex Flange Bolts

Carriage Bolts

Jack Bolts

Square Bolts

Leg Bolts

U Bolts

Elevator Bolts

Structural Bolts

Step Bolts

Square Head Machine Bolts

Serrated Flange Bolts

12 Point Flange Bolts

Hexagon Flange Bolts

Shoulder Eye Bolts

Hex Machine Bolts

Shoulder Eye Bolts

Plow Bolts

Turned Eye Bolts

Long Bolts

Bent Bolts

Square U Bolts

Timber Bolts

Metric Bolts

Heavy Hex Bolts

Button Head Bolts

Hex Tap Bolts

Stud Bolts

Hexagon Head Bolt

Lifting Eye Bolts

T Bolts

Counter Sunk Bolts

Threaded Bolts

Hanger Bolts


Types of Nuts

Nuts are used with Bolts and Washers to create non-permanent Joints. They have helical shapes and threaded hole.

Hex Nuts

Dome Nuts

Hex Jam Nuts

Heavy Hex Nuts

Hex Machine Screw Nuts

Hex Lock Nuts Nylon Insert

Hex Jam Nylon Lock Nuts

Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts

Wing Nuts

Cap Nuts

Acorn Nuts

Square Nuts

K Lock Nuts

Top Lock Nuts

Pin Lock Nuts

T Nuts

Coupling Nuts

T-Slot Nuts

Castle Nuts

Sleeve Nuts

Flange Nut Serrated

Imperial Threaded Nylock Nuts

Reversible Locknuts

Imperial Threaded Nuts

Machine Hex Nuts

Finished Hex Nuts

Forged Eye Nuts

Rivet Nuts

Slotted Hex Nuts

ACME Hex Nuts

Nylock Nuts

Anco Locknuts

Flexloc Nuts

Panel Nuts

Poly Nuts

Conelock Nuts

Self Clinching Nuts

Domed Cap Nuts

Thin Nuts

Weld Nuts

High Tensile Nuts

Cage Nuts

Security Nuts

Imperial Nuts

Industrial Nuts

Miscellaneous Nuts

Insert Nuts

Knurled Nuts

Round Nuts

Two-Way Reversible Lock Nuts




Types of Screws

Screws are typically made up of metal with a helical ridge over its surface. It is used to hold the position of two objects together.

Particle Board Screws

Security Head Screws

Threaded Rolling Screws

Threaded Cutting Screws

Machine Screws

Concrete Screws

Roofing Screws

Drywall Screws

Self Drilling Screw

Chipboard Screws

Thumb Screws

Coach Screws

Lag Screws

Wood Screws

Euro Screws

Collated Screws

Furniture Screws

Sems Screws

Wing Screws

Set Screws

Metric Set Screws

Sheet Metal Screws

Eye Screws

Self Tapping Screw

Philips Head Screws

Construction Screws




Types of Washers

Washers are the types of fasteners that are generally used to distribute the load in threaded fasteners assembly with a huge hole in its outer body or surface.

Flat Washers

Finishing Washers

Tab Washers

Conical Washers

Special Washers

Belleville Washers

Dock Washers

Fender Washers

Bonded Sealing Washers

Countersink Finishing Washers

Square Bevel Washers

Star Lock Washers

Lock Washers

Neoprene Washers

Star Washers

Spring Washers

Plan Washers

Metal Washers

Wave Washers

Crank Washers

Square Washers

Hex Washers

Thrust Washers

Aluminum Washers

Serrated Washers

Cup Washers



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